Our firm settles many cases each week and hundreds of cases each year. The following list is a small sample of recent results. Additional information can be obtained during a consultation with one of our attorneys.

$400,000.00 Settlement of Claim against Ambulance Company

The widow of an 86 year old man came to our firm soon after her husband's demise. She related that her husband was being transported by ambulance from a nursing home to another medical facility for kidney dialysis treatment. The ambulance driver and attendant dropped the husband while they were moving him from the ambulance into the facility. The man hit his head on the ground. Soon afterwards, he started to develop cognitive issues and was hospitalized. He died approximately five (5) weeks after this incident from a blood clot in his brain. The husband had bills totaling over $150,000.00 which were paid by Medicare.

Our firm brought suit against the ambulance company, the medical facility and the property owner for pain and suffering on behalf of the deceased husband, loss of services to his widow, loss of income and payment of the Medicare lien. After the parties agreed to mediate the dispute, the case was successfully resolved and the defendants agreed to pay to the widow a combined total of $400,000.00.

$95,000.00 Settlement of Automobile Accident Case with Disputed Liability

A regional manager of a national food chain was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike when his vehicle was side-swiped by another vehicle, causing the car to spin and to hit the divider. The defendant claimed that our client side-swiped her vehicle. The defendant's insurance carrier denied the claim. Both parties obtained liability experts to support their respective versions as to how the accident occurred. Our client suffered injuries to his spine including disc bulges and herniations. There was a significant worker's compensation lien. After attending a settlement conference, arbitration and numerous negotiations, the defendant's insurance carrier agreed to pay $95,000.00, which was $5,000.00 less than the defendant's policy limits of $100,000.00.

$100,000.00 Settlement of Passenger's Claim in an Automobile Accident Involving Underinsured Motorist's Claims

Our client was a back seat passenger in a car which was being driven by a friend. The driver lost control of the vehicle and struck another car. Our client's leg was broken. He required several months of physical therapy. The driver of the vehicle paid her policy limits of $15,000.00 to the plaintiff. Our client then pursued a claim against his own insurance company under the underinsured motorist's provisions of his automobile insurance policy. The insurance company paid the available coverage of $85,000.00, thus making the total settlement $100,000.00.


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