We have represented thousands of clients since 1988, and take pride in personal attention and service. Our primary areas of practice are listed below.      


Personal Injury. We have represented thousands of persons injured in automobile accidents, slip and fall incidents, construction site mishaps, dog bites and other types of personal injury situations.

Worker’s Compensation. We can help you with the payment of medical expenses, receiving temporary disability benefits while you are unable work, and obtaining a permanency or partial permanency award.

Business Matters. Our firm is experienced in helping you with buying or selling a business, starting a new company, negotiating a contract, entering into a commercial lease and in many other aspects of business ownership and management.

Real Estate.  We have many years of experience in helping clients with buying, selling or refinancing  a single family home, condominium, cooperative apartment,  multifamily home, mixed use building, industrial or other commercial property.

Personal and Business litigation.  Our attorneys appear in court regularly and can represent our clients as defendants or plaintiffs in lawsuits arising from a variety of circumstances, including disagreements between shareholders, collection matters or other breach of contract situation.

Wills and Estates.   We can prepare or revise Wills, Powers of Attorneys, Trusts, Living Wills and other Medical Directives.  When a loved one passes, we will help you navigate through the estate administration process.  We also can help you if you need to apply for Letters of Guardianship.

Family Matters.  Our attorneys are experienced in drafting marital and partnership agreements and have handled family court cases including divorce, dissolution of domestic partnerships or civil unions, adoptions and guardianships.  

Please call us or email us for your legal needs.  Our highly trained attorneys and staff are available to assist you.